Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Website Update and More

We are in the process of updating the whole website since our move to new premises, (see last Blog) and while some pages are fully updated we await photo's and stuff to complete.

Since our move in Autumn 2006 we have upgraded our pressing and processing to allow us to be more efficient in both time and juice extraction. With larger premises we have the luxury of additional space that was always a problem at Stapleford. We can now do all our pressing and cider making inside the barn rather than suffer in the elements during the pressing period.

The new barn also gives us more opportunity to make additional single variety ciders and we have again expanded this side of our business. Available now in selected outlets is Dymock Red Single Variety and coming soon is a fine dry cider made from Browns Apple, this has been stored in oak for a year and the cider is a very pale colour, with full apple flavors.

We have invested in additional equipment over the past year including new fermenting vessels, an additional pump and a pressure washer. All these help to make our cider production more efficient and allow us to maintain quality, while introducing additional ciders to our customers.

Look out for our new 330ml bottles in off licences around Cambridge.

Cassels Moves to Harston

Autumn 2006 was a very hectic period. We wanted to expand our facilities and decided to relocate to new premises at Harston, just outside Cambridge. We chose to move in September before the apple harvest started and when our stock levels were at their lowest. With help from friends and family we duly loaded and transported everything from the Stapleford barn to the new barn in Harston. Despite various incidents the move was successfully completed over a weekend, in time for the first apple pickings to take place.

A big thank you to all involved, especially Pete 'dances with cider' Twitchett!