Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Stop Press! The Press Has Stopped!

We've finally finished our 2006 apple pressing and despite the hard graft we had fun and have hopefully made some fine ciders for next year. We have pressed some single varieties that look very promising and they are all bubbling away.

Our thanks to Pete, Mike, Grassy and above all Jerry for their help and sweat during the last 6 weeks. Thanks too, to our technocrat Simon, who runs the website, takes publicity photos and fixes cars.

We used a local supply of Stoke Red and Dabinett to make anamed blend early in the pressing plus a few gallons of Bulmers Norman apple, don't know how we can market that! Maybe a fancy bottle and high price! We also made some single variety Dabinett, always areliable cider apple that will augment our Stock cider through 2007.

Other single varieties will be Yarlington Mill and Browns apple. Our Stock cider used local cookers and eaters plus Michelin, Court Royal, Dabinett and Stoke Red in the blend and looks to be a fine dry cider.

We had our last keg of 2005 Yarlington Mill at the recent Live and Let Live Beer Festival and some may still be available.