Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Beer Festival Season is Underway...

Over the last week we have had two local beer festivals around Cambridge featuring Cassels Cider.

During the Easter weekend Girton Golf Club had a three-day Beer and Cider festival organised by the Club Steward, Kelvin. Cassels supplied three cider draft varieties plus bottled cider. The varieties offered were our Stock Cassels Cider. Dabinett single variety and a Dabinett/Stoke Red blend. Thanks to Kelvin for his enthusiasm and support of our ciders. We hope this will be a regular event.

On the weekend of the Celebration of St. Georges day the Live and Let Live held their traditional 3 day beer festival with an ‘English’ theme. Supporting the many English real ales on offer was our traditional English Cider made from unsprayed English apples. We supplied our Stock Cassels, our Dabinett/Stoke Red blend and a variation of a semi sweet Stock Cider. As always the pub was packed throughout the weekend. A great weekend for the Live and Let Live, just voted 2006 Camra ‘Pub of the Year’.

We have also supplied Reading and Berkshire Camra with three ciders for their annual tasting session at their Beer Festival.

We had great news recently when we received a report from Trading Standards on the quality of our cider. The cider had been taken for tests to ensure we can claim the it is made from unsprayed apples. The closely typed report ran over three pages of tests for pesticide residues and was clear on all counts. Both Cassels and our apple suppliers now have the back up of the report to confirm our cider is truly made from ‘Unsprayed English Apples’.

In the new issue of ‘Ale’, there is a short article about Cassels Cider and our aims and tradition. Please take time to read it.

We will be present at the 33rd Cambridge Beer Festival with several of our ciders on offer throughout the week. Make a date in your diary for the 22nd to 27th May to visit us at the Marquee on Jesus Green in Cambridge to check out what’s on offer.